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About Me

Introduction & Education

Hi, I'm Dan Yang. I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design from Arkansas State University. As technology and the internet rapidly advance, I've come to realize that the future belongs to the digital world. I firmly believe that the era of purely graphic design has become a thing of the past, and the future lies in the integration of technology, the internet, and digital elements. This realization led me to pursue further education, and I have just completed my Master's degree in Digital Media Interactive Design at Northeastern University in Boston.

Bridging Graphic & Interactive Design

There are many similarities between graphic design and interactive design, with the skills acquired in graphic design forming the essential foundation for interactive design. My undergraduate studies provided me with a solid basis, equipping me with strong visual, graphic, and comprehensive branding abilities. During my graduate studies, the focus on interactive design further enhanced my skills in data analysis and visual representation for branding. These two disciplines complement each other and allow me to become a more versatile and professional designer.

Personal Passions & Creative Inspirations

I have a deep passion for reading, constantly seeking to understand the world around me through continuous learning. In addition, art-related activities such as drawing, sculpture, dance, and music are an integral part of my life. These creative forms of expression inspire my imagination and innovative thinking, enriching my designs.

Nature and Sports:

A Source of Balance and Inspiration

Beyond my love for art and design, I also enjoy nature and sports. Engaging in activities such as badminton, table tennis, skiing, and hiking allows me to feel closely connected to nature and maintain a healthy body and mind. These physical pursuits not only provide relaxation and balance but also serve as a wellspring of design inspiration, as I draw creativity from the natural world.

Professional Philosophy and Future Aspirations

I am confident in the relationship between my profession and the future technological society. By combining graphic and interactive design, I aim to create innovative and functional works that contribute to the development of our tech-driven world. My enthusiasm and passion stem not only from my pursuit of art and design but also from a curiosity about the world and an eagerness for technological advancements. I believe that incorporating these passions into my designs will result in unique and meaningful creations, enhancing the lives of people in our society.

Thank you for visiting my portfolio website. I hope my works reflect my passion for design and my aspirations for the future. I look forward to meeting you in the creative world, and exploring endless possibilities together!


  • Professional Competence:

    • My undergraduate studies in Graphic Design and graduate studies in Digital Media Interactive Design have equipped me with a diverse range of expertise and skills.

    • I can approach design from both graphic and interactive perspectives, flexibly applying different design principles and tools to create a wide variety of captivating and engaging works.

  • Project Management and Team Collaboration:

    • I have accumulated extensive project experience during my studies, understanding the significance of project management and the criticality of teamwork.

    • I excel at communicating and collaborating with team members, efficiently allocating tasks, monitoring progress, and maintaining coordinated team operations to ensure projects are completed on time and with high quality.

  • Precision and Data Analysis Capability:

    • My design process is highly meticulous, as I prioritize attention to detail and accuracy.

    • In projects, I am capable of collecting and analyzing data, and extracting valuable insights from user behavior and feedback.

    • Utilizing this information, I optimize design solutions to ensure the final works meet expectations and cater to user needs.

These strengths enable me to stand out in the field of design, creating satisfying and impactful works. Additionally, I thrive in collaborative environments, driving successful project implementations with cohesive teamwork. I firmly believe that these strengths will open up more opportunities and achievements in my future career.

My Artworks

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