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Graphic Design


In traditional Chinese culture, there are many stories, festivals, and elements
representing beautiful things. For example, plum blossoms, orchids, bamboo, and chrysanthemums represent people's noble character, indomitable will, and never-give-up spirit. Firecrackers and other elements represent traditional Chinese festivals. They mean family reunions and bring good luck to life. I designed three patterns based on these symbols to show Chinese culture. At the same time, I hope people can have the spirit of never giving up and feel the happiness of reunion with their families.


GUKE is an app that sells clothes. In addition to the traditional function of buying clothes, I also designed three special functions. First, users can use the elements provided by GUKE to design their own unique clothes according to their own preferences. Second, users can upload their daily life and photos related to GUKE to GUKE 's social media platform. Third, users can use GUKE to learn Chinese traditional culture and information.


Based on elements of traditional Chinese culture, I designed fashionable clothes. While spreading Chinese culture, it can also attract more people who love fashion and trends. I designed them according to the color of the traditional Chinese food "zongzi", the flowers and cranes representing the beautiful meaning, and traditional Chinese patterns.