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Iron Man: The Birth of Heroes

Character Design, Animation Design

Personal project


Adobe Illustrator

After Effects

3 months



Hello, I'm thrilled to introduce the cartoon-style video I've created: "Iron Man: The Birth of Heroes."

The main purpose of this project is to showcase my skills in After Effects (AE). Through an approximately 1-minute cartoon-style video, I'll narrate an exciting story using illustrations. The inspiration comes from the beloved movie "Iron Man 1," but I've crafted an entirely new adventure for this iconic superhero.

The story revolves around a weapons manufacturer's boss. Initially, he's a successful businessman, but I'll delve into his inner desires and determination. In my cartoon world, he will face challenges and ultimately transform into the famous superhero, Iron Man.

I chose Iron Man as the theme because he's one of the most beloved superheroes with a broad audience appeal. By presenting it in a cartoon style, I aim to offer the audience a fresh visual experience, immersing them in a world full of fantasy and surprises.

While the storyline will be based on the fundamental plot of "Iron Man 1," I won't simply replicate the movie's events. Instead, I'll capture essential and captivating elements and present them innovatively. This will include Iron Man's gadgets, adversaries, and awe-inspiring superpowers.

With this project, I hope to demonstrate my personal expertise in AE and take the audience on an imaginative adventure.

Thank you for your support, and together, let's witness the highly anticipated creation of "Iron Man: The Birth of Heroes"!

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