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All Seasons Table

Adaptive Design, UI Design

Personal project


Adobe InDesign

​Microsoft Office

3 months


UI designer

All Seasons Table is a Massachusetts-based restaurant serving fine pan-Asian cuisine. I redesigned the All Seasons Table website to attract more users and make it easier for customers to come to the restaurant, order takeout or reserve a banquet hall. 


During the design process, I faced some challenges, mainly focused on how to attract users to come to eat, order food and reserve banquet halls.

The first challenge is how to attract users to dine. The website needs to be able to show the unique charm of the restaurant and stimulate users' interest to come to the restaurant to eat.

The second challenge is how to increase the users of takeaway and food ordering. The website needs to be able to clearly convey the convenience and advantages of takeaway and food ordering services, so that users are willing to choose All Seasons Table.

The third challenge is how to facilitate reservations for banquet halls. The website needs to be able to provide sufficient information to allow users to understand and give confidence to the banquet hall services provided by All Seasons Table.


Sitemap & Wireframes

In order to solve the above design challenges.


First of all, I designed a visually attractive page to show the restaurant's food and dining atmosphere through exquisite pictures, attracting users' attention and guiding them to learn more about the restaurant's characteristics.


Secondly, I highlighted the takeaway and food ordering services on the website, using eye-catching buttons and a simple process, so that users can easily order food.

Finally, I designed a special page to introduce the banquet hall services, including venue photos, facilities and equipment, and service details, so that users can fully understand the advantages and feasibility of the banquet hall, thereby promoting reservations.

Final Design

Desktop &Tablet Design

Mobile Design