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UX Research, UI Design

Personal project
Adobe InDesign
Google Workspace
3 months
UX researcher
UI designer

DOOGO is a software designed to help owners and pet dogs have a balanced, healthy, and beautiful life.

  • By setting a pet feeding schedule and formulating a food mix, DOOGO can ensure that pets get a reasonable diet.

  • At the same time, it can also assist the owner in planning the dog walking route, distance, and destination, making every walk a pleasant experience.

In addition, DOOGO also provides pet owners with the function of finding surrounding pet gathering areas to help pets make new friends.

  • The owner can also share the wonderful life of himself and his pet with family, neighbors, and friends.

  • The software also provides a wealth of knowledge and information to help owners take better care of their pets.


  • I need to make sure that the software is short and fast, to provide the best quality of service to the user.

  • Pet owners need to be able to use software quickly and efficiently without being held back by cumbersome operations.

In order to solve the above design challenges, I adopted a series of methods.

  • First, I did an in-depth study of user experience, from which I discovered the features and needs most commonly used by owners in the process of caring for their pets.

  • Then, I optimized the interface and interaction design of the software to ensure that the main functions can be seen at a glance, and improve the efficiency of users through simple and intuitive operation procedures.